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Caretta Caretta Turtle

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) is a sea turtle and the only member of the genus Caretta. The genus name "Caretta" is a latinization of the French "caret", meaning turtle, tortoise, or sea turtle.

A Loggerhead sea turtle reportedly grows up to 800 lbs (364 kg) and 3.5 feet long. Their shell colour is a reddish brown colour, and the colour of their skin is brown yellow.

The Loggerhead Turtle nest regularly on the island of Zante and many of the beaches are nor protected nesting sites, protected by local volunteers.

Their is limited watersport activity on the island due to the conservation of the turtles and they are very well loved and cared for on Zante.  There are a few instances where people do not think about the turtles and cause harm through their misguided actions, but most of the time the general population realise the turtles importance to the island.

Below you can see a few videos of the turtles which were filmed on the island of Zakinthos, also some pictures and a little about the turtle conservation charity.

In the Mediterranean, Loggerheads mate from late March to early June. The female nesting season is at its peak in June and July, but this depends on the nesting beach. The clutch may vary from 70 to 150 eggs. Each egg is roughly the size and shape of a ping-pong ball. The average interval between nesting seasons is two to three years.

After approximately 60 days, the hatchlings emerge usually at night when protection from predation is greater. Usually following the brightest light to the ocean's edge, an artificial light, such as from a home can lead them astray. Once in the ocean they use ocean currents to travel to the Sargasso Sea using the Sargassum as protection until they mature.

Zakynthos Zante - National Marine Park of Zakynthos

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos (N.M.P.Z.) is the recently established marine park situated at the southern most part of the island of Zakynthos. The Presidential Decree for the establishment of the N.M.P.Z. was signed on the 1st of December 1999 by the President of the Greek Republic.

The Marine Park's objectives are to preserve the natural environment and conserve the ecological balance of the marine and coastal area of the Bay of Laganas and of the Strophadia Islands.

Within the Marine Park is the most important loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta nesting rookery in the Mediterranean, a habitat essential for protection.  If you want to help them continue with their research, breeding programmes and protection of this harmless endangered mammals then make sure you donate on their website.

Read more about the N.M.P.Z

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Caretta Caretta baby Turtle in Zante

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Caretta Caretta Turtle Video

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