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Smugglers Cove - Navagio

Smugglers Cove or Navagio (Shipwreck) has to be one of the most well known and photographed beaches in the whole of Greece.  You will find this beach scene on many a travel brochure and postcard and it’s a scene you instantly recognise as “Greece”

Smugglers cove gets it’s name from the shipwreck that lies in between the dominating cliffs.  When you hear Smugglers Cove the first thing that springs to mind is of smugglers of a bygone age but in actual fact the shipwreck is only ship full of illegal cigarettes that lost its engines and was washed ashore in 1983.

The beach lies near to Agios Georgios but is only accessible by boat, the dominating limestone cliffs prevent any type of access from the land, although you can get close enough to look down onto the beach and area and take some magnificent photos.

For boat trips to the beach on Smugglers Cove you can book day trip tickets with your local holiday representative, which many people do, or you can go into the resort town that your staying in and book it directly with the local travel agents.  This is usually the cheaper option but you have to be aware you aren't covered by your tour operator when you do this for any accidents.

Navagio - Smugglers Cove

When reaching the beach you are dropped off by boat and left for most of the day, now you must be aware there is no shade at all on the beach, the white limestone cliffs reflect the sun directly back onto to the beach and it can get unbearably hot.

When visiting smugglers cove take your own refreshments, as all that is available is on the boat or a small cafe on the beach. Take an umbrella if you can if you cant stand constant sunshine, there are no umbrellas or sunbeds to rent on the beach.

It does get very very hot on the beach here, and as mentioned there is no shade apart from your umbrella or to go back on the boat that took you to the island, make sure you take enough sun cream so that you have an enjoyable stay on the beach and its something to remember for the right reasons.

Here you can find some amazing video footage of Navagio in Zakinthos, more commonly known as Smugglers Cove.  These videos give you a visitors eye view of the beach, from arriving on the boat to actually being on this wonderful beach.

If you want to know more about the boat trips to the beach or the prices then please feel free to contact us.  Many people enquire to how much the smugglers Cove boat trip costs, and normally its around 20 to 25 euros depending on where you book.

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Navagio - Smugglers Cove - Zante

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